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Teaching English as a second language or as a foreign language can be very satisfying and rewarding. You may teach in your own country – there is hardly any country where you won’t find students whose mother tongue or first language is not English.

Global travel is now a reality – that means speakers of other languages want to learn English. That constant for English Teachers is good news. If you are properly trained and certified, your skills will be in great demand – and you can earn premium rates for teaching.

Some teachers qualify to teach English as a second language / foreign language for another reason – the opportunity to travel overseas.

Uou get to do what you love doing – teaching. The salary may not be fantastic compared to some other highly paid professions – but the delights of travel makes up for that.

You discover great new places and learn about other cultures first hand.

 Improve your English – Improve your opportunities!

Do you want a better job? To study overseas? To communicate with the rest of the world? Is your limited ability to speak English holding you back?

Do you want to improve your English?

Local English schools can take years to improve your English, costing you a lot of money and usually with very slow results.

• Studying in the UK, Australia, USA or Canada is expensive and there are many potential visa problems.

• Home stay’s can be great, but often there is actually limited interaction with the family. Many times you are simply a renter and treated as such.

So what is the BEST way to improve your English?

• You need to look for a program that is EFFECTIVE. And one of the most, if not the most effective way to study a foreign language, is through Immersion—being completely surrounded by the language every day. Immersion programs should be for extended periods, at least two weeks and up to four months. This allows you to gain the greatest benefit (results) from the program and allows you to truly internalize the language.

Immersion programs are not the typical 20+ hours of tuition you receive at intensive language schools. These can be sufficient for some people, but there is not a full immersion, a situation where every waking hour is filled with English-speaking activities.

• The best program must also be AFFORDABLE. A quick Google search of Language Schools in London will show average costs of ₤ 240 per week. Please remember that this is for approximately 20 hours of tuition ONLY. There are no group excursions or evening discussion groups.

Home stay of ₤165 per week for breakfast and dinner only (no lunch) is a much cheaper option to take with an Immersion program. You can spend ₤ 600 to ₤ 1,000 just on food and accommodation while studying in London which is a huge waste of money.

So to study for a month in London for approximately 90 contact hours, housing and meals you will pay a MINIMUM of $3,000 per month. So perhaps, because of budget reasons, you will only be able to study for one month, instead of two.

• A successful program must be FUN. All educational research shows that students learn more effectively when they are interested and engaged—when they are participating in fun activities instead of just sitting in a classroom studying.

So where is the best place to improve your English?

So where is the best place to improve your English?

The best place is TEFL International’s International English Immersion Program!

It’s FUN

• International classes

• Exotic location (on the beach in Thailand)

• Exciting extra curricular English-based activities (all included in the price)

• Snorkeling

• Elephant Rides

• Temples

• Waterfalls

• Thai Cooking

• Thai Boxing

• Parasailing


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